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My shadow has enveloped me,
swallowed every particle that
once was identifiable.
If you wonder where I am…
I don’t know.
I don’t know, and I have
no voice to call out.
My senses are lost to me.
No one can touch me.
My eyes stare into empty spaces.
I have no physical sense of hunger.
I exist in a vacuum…

This is a desolate place and
I have overstayed my time.
Everything here is wrong, and
I am discomfited by my circumstance.
Once I was stronger and vigorous.
Now there is no one left,
but God himself, to save me.
But I am unconcerned.
He has done so before and
will again, and I am…


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I’ve been here before

and will be again.

You may think you know me.

Perhaps we were friends?

Perhaps we were lovers,

or brothers in arms?

Siblings who quarreled,

or seers with their charms?

I’m the newest version,

and far from the last.

Deep in my eyes

you may see our pasts.

If we connect

there’s a reason why.

For on an astral plane

we held hands in the sky.

If I loved you once,

and you loved me,

then consciousness exists

so this thing can be.

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The destruction is wholly vulgar.

Mega mechanical monsters,

chewing, digging, snapping,

freshly gnawed and mutilated

conifers in their wicked wake.

Minutes earlier tall and sheltering,

deemed no longer desirable,

their death sentence unprotested,

mile upon mile expediently delivered.

I smell the sweet fragrance of pine…

strong. -The sweet smell of death.

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Not Myself

I am not myself today,

Nor was I, I’m sure, the day before.

An imp has carried off my spirit,

And though I beg and plead and grovel,

He frolics away and leaves me hollow.

And what about tomorrow I say?

He tells me it is just a wish away.



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I look on the world with a child’s eyes.

I love deeply with an adolescent heart.

I toil with the able hands of a woman,

Think with a mind inhabited by my experiences.


I am a time traveler when it suits me.

I am not content to live in the present.

I’m drawn to other versions of myself

That I have not forgot, though others may have.


I am many things that no one knows.

I am an enigma, a changeling, a shadow.

I’m ethereal or something else altogether,

The embodiment of the winds of heaven and earth.

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I could be a whole new me.

That’s what I’m being told you see.

Frankincense slathered on my face,

my surface wrinkles will erase.

And I will look again as though

I did in my youth, not long ago.


Ads assault me from every sphere

to tell me what I want to hear.

Like Rachel Ray who lost some weight,

proposing I might want to emulate,

with Garcinia Cambogia in a capsule,

I’d quickly find I’d be more agile.


There’s surgery for the more evolved.

For there is no problem that can’t be solved

with a tiny nip here and a little bitty tuck

and liposuction for a few more bucks.

My head spins wildly as I consider

the many ways I could be fitter.


With contacts my eyes could be so blue

or, yes, any other desirable hue.

Saline injections I can surely bear

to dissolve those veins I know are there.

Should I whiten my teeth to a glacial sheen?

Get crowns and caps till my bank account’s lean?


Beauty used to be a fleeting thing.

But nowadays if you have a ding,

you needn’t fret…just make some calls

for appointments to fix the face, teeth and all.

Now, I must run for I am bade

to dye my locks to a platinum shade.


I’m still waxing poetic.  I promise some stories soon.

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This Explains A Lot…

Long ago my head did thwack

when I fell and hit it on a crack.

Or was the crack not there before

I hit my head upon the floor?

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