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I look on the world with a child’s eyes.

I love deeply with an adolescent heart.

I toil with the able hands of a woman,

Think with a mind inhabited by my experiences.


I am a time traveler when it suits me.

I am not content to live in the present.

I’m drawn to other versions of myself

That I have not forgot, though others may have.


I am many things that no one knows.

I am an enigma, a changeling, a shadow.

I’m ethereal or something else altogether,

The embodiment of the winds of heaven and earth.


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I could be a whole new me.

That’s what I’m being told you see.

Frankincense slathered on my face,

my surface wrinkles will erase.

And I will look again as though

I did in my youth, not long ago.


Ads assault me from every sphere

to tell me what I want to hear.

Like Rachel Ray who lost some weight,

proposing I might want to emulate,

with Garcinia Cambogia in a capsule,

I’d quickly find I’d be more agile.


There’s surgery for the more evolved.

For there is no problem that can’t be solved

with a tiny nip here and a little bitty tuck

and liposuction for a few more bucks.

My head spins wildly as I consider

the many ways I could be fitter.


With contacts my eyes could be so blue

or, yes, any other desirable hue.

Saline injections I can surely bear

to dissolve those veins I know are there.

Should I whiten my teeth to a glacial sheen?

Get crowns and caps till my bank account’s lean?


Beauty used to be a fleeting thing.

But nowadays if you have a ding,

you needn’t fret…just make some calls

for appointments to fix the face, teeth and all.

Now, I must run for I am bade

to dye my locks to a platinum shade.


I’m still waxing poetic.  I promise some stories soon.

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