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I’ve been here before

and will be again.

You may think you know me.

Perhaps we were friends?

Perhaps we were lovers,

or brothers in arms?

Siblings who quarreled,

or seers with their charms?

I’m the newest version,

and far from the last.

Deep in my eyes

you may see our pasts.

If we connect

there’s a reason why.

For on an astral plane

we held hands in the sky.

If I loved you once,

and you loved me,

then consciousness exists

so this thing can be.


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Tree Love

I watched the two lone trees across the road caught up in a game of touch me and I’ll touch you.  The wind was gusting and a brewing storm was tossing the branches back and forth into frantic embraces that could not be sustained.  In fine weather, they stood solitary and forlorn.  Now they reached out for each other like lovers grasping to secure a long-sought and permanent coupling.  Leaves intertwined and held each other, briefly but fiercely.  It was a fine dance resembling a torrid tango where both partners knew they would eventually be left exhausted and changed.    As I continued to watch, I envied their arboreal passion and longed for arms to reach out for me.



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In the course of our days and lives, we meet thousands of people.  Some are easily forgotten, some linger on in our day-to-day existence and some leave their permanent mark on us, even if we may only spend a day together.  Why do we experience instant connection with some people while others remain on the periphery?  They may act the same as others, speak in the same ways, visually not stand out in any particular way, but we feel good in their presence, laugh easily together, empathize and rejoice and are simpatico.

I’m not talking about love at first sight, and I’m not talking about a sexual expectation or any type of attraction in that vein.  Rather, this feeling transcends anything of this nature and is purely and only a type of caring or love such as you would have for a close family member.  An instant best friend who you quickly and readily share thoughts, ideas and secrets with.  You are, above all, comfortable together and trusting, with little or no justification except that you just know it is right and safe.

We’ve all experienced this.  I’m sure I’m not alone, and I’ve wondered how or why this happens?  Some people believe it is our souls that connect…that we were, in fact, close in some other realm or time – that we are, in a sense, meeting not for the first time at all.  I don’t really have a better explanation, but it is fascinating to consider.  I do believe we have two bodies – a physical one and a spiritual one.  God tells us the spiritual body never dies.  We obviously go somewhere when we are released from all physical restraints.  Perhaps we are off making new friends or meeting old ones again.  Perhaps these people are placed in our paths on earth because it was planned.

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Sometimes you just have to laugh.  Love is often tragic, poignant, memorable, revealing, fulfilling and sweet.  But, just once in a while, it is funny.

I was coming back from an appointment today, driving down a busy road, when my eyes were drawn to my side of the road.  There was a sweet little red hen trotting down the shoulder, pecking here and there, but decidedly on a mission.  I looked for her cohorts, but low, she was the only little chicken in sight.  However, she was not alone.  A short distance in front of her was the obvious object of her affection…no measely little rooster, but the largest wild tom turkey I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some big ones.  Oblivious to the traffic and gawkers, he was also pecking his way down the road.

He knew how impressive he was.  And little red hen was completely smitten.  He didn’t seem to mind her company, and I wondered just how far from home she now was?  I hope he is keeping her warm somewhere tonight.


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A Metaphor For Love

A berry hangs plump on the vine…waiting, hoping to be harvested.

One of many, yea, one of many thousands, but powerfully unique beyond measure.

There to be plucked and savored…lifted from a future of withering obscurity,

And made gloriously eternal by becoming someone’s heartfelt treasure.

Remaining for all days, in memory and in life, as sweet and succulent as first seen and tasted.

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