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My shadow has enveloped me,
swallowed every particle that
once was identifiable.
If you wonder where I am…
I don’t know.
I don’t know, and I have
no voice to call out.
My senses are lost to me.
No one can touch me.
My eyes stare into empty spaces.
I have no physical sense of hunger.
I exist in a vacuum…

This is a desolate place and
I have overstayed my time.
Everything here is wrong, and
I am discomfited by my circumstance.
Once I was stronger and vigorous.
Now there is no one left,
but God himself, to save me.
But I am unconcerned.
He has done so before and
will again, and I am…


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In the course of our days and lives, we meet thousands of people.  Some are easily forgotten, some linger on in our day-to-day existence and some leave their permanent mark on us, even if we may only spend a day together.  Why do we experience instant connection with some people while others remain on the periphery?  They may act the same as others, speak in the same ways, visually not stand out in any particular way, but we feel good in their presence, laugh easily together, empathize and rejoice and are simpatico.

I’m not talking about love at first sight, and I’m not talking about a sexual expectation or any type of attraction in that vein.  Rather, this feeling transcends anything of this nature and is purely and only a type of caring or love such as you would have for a close family member.  An instant best friend who you quickly and readily share thoughts, ideas and secrets with.  You are, above all, comfortable together and trusting, with little or no justification except that you just know it is right and safe.

We’ve all experienced this.  I’m sure I’m not alone, and I’ve wondered how or why this happens?  Some people believe it is our souls that connect…that we were, in fact, close in some other realm or time – that we are, in a sense, meeting not for the first time at all.  I don’t really have a better explanation, but it is fascinating to consider.  I do believe we have two bodies – a physical one and a spiritual one.  God tells us the spiritual body never dies.  We obviously go somewhere when we are released from all physical restraints.  Perhaps we are off making new friends or meeting old ones again.  Perhaps these people are placed in our paths on earth because it was planned.

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Late last night I was reading my August issue of The Writer and happened upon an article on haikus.  I had never written a haiku, but I must warn you, I have discovered they are highly addictive.  It’s like potato chips – you can’t write just one.  I wrote haikus until the wee hours of the morning and had great fun doing it.

A haiku is composed of three, unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.  However, they can’t just be three lines about anything at all.  The article says the best haikus are “allusive and evocative”.  They are correct.  Marilyn L. Taylor who wrote the article had good and bad examples.  She included one by the late Rachel Wetzsteon, which I deem to be pure genius:

In fat armchairs sat

indolence and impatience

plotting my downfall

My efforts were not so stellar, but I am still just a novice at this form and aspire to create one day as Ms. Wetzsteon did.  My shabbier attempts last night:

Bleak and dismal day

bends to dark, glorious night

and owls call to me


When I’m not looking

deer trounce my garden and eat

I’d share if they asked.


I prayed I would live,

and so I did…thank you God.

Nothing is grander.


The picture hangs high

on the wall above my head,

reminder…Key West


Cat on a diet

not happy by a long shot,

waddles and complains


My mother is dead

I hear her voice call to me

but I’m not coming

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