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I have two short stories on Amazon.  They are quite different from one another, but I, of course, like them both.  I am including the direct links to these…each is $.99.  If you read one or both, an honest review would be greatly appreciated by me and other potential readers.  You don’t have to post reviews under your real name, in case you are wondering.  I won’t be able to hunt you down and accost you if you write anything negative.  I really do want honest opinions.  Strangers in the Woods is also on Smashwords in case you don’t have the free Kindle app, and I hope to add The Man on the Corner to Smashwords soon.  Just FYI, on every Amazon page, there is a link for the free Kindle app which you can put on any electronic device you have.

When you open the links, you can read a preview of each story for free.

Strangers in the Woods:   http://www.amazon.com/Strangers-Woods-Suddenly-youre-alone-ebook/dp/B00RPXWM74/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1424149900&sr=8-2&keywords=strangers+in+the+woods

The Man on the Cornerhttp://www.amazon.com/Man-Corner-Does-anyone-remember-ebook/dp/B00TOULRCM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1424320938&sr=8-4&keywords=the+man+on+the+corner


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Hello My Friends…

It’s been over a month and although you may not have missed me (much), I missed you.  I have been quite busy – mostly being sick.

There is this nasty thing going around which goes by a number of names:  Norwalk Virus; Norovirus; Cruise Ship Virus.  It’s a little like the flu only it can last weeks.  I ended up in the hospital for four days for extreme dehydration.  There is no vaccine for this, although I’m told they are trying to create one, and it is highly contagious.  Before anyone knew what I had, I gifted it to my daughter and she, in turn, shared it with her roommate.  They didn’t thank me.

Although it most often is passed via sick food service people, the virus stays alive for a time on almost any surface.  I had eaten out twice about two days before I got sick.

I hope you will all stay away from anyone who is sick, and, when you do eat out, avoid salads and any uncooked foods if this virus is going around your area.  I had a chef’s salad which I believe was my undoing.  Wash hands thoroughly with soap, although my doctor told me this is no guarantee you won’t contract this.  He also told me anti-bacterial hand cleaners won’t help.

So, just FYI, take care of yourselves.

Now…I have more posts to come.

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